Commerce Center

The DataStream Commerce Center is a robust, extended version of your printed catalog featuring your company's logo right on the main screen. Product categories can be dynamically created from data received from the DataStream Data Center.

Fisher Towne catalogs are easy to use, simple to navigate through, and follow proven "Shopping Cart" methodology.

The data displayed in this interactive format makes it much easier for customers to search for items and place orders. For example, someone looking for computer keyboards enters "keyboard" in the search field and is presented with every catalog item matching that criteria. Pricing can be correlated with the user's password and, consequently, customer-specific.

The DataStream Commerce Center performs credit card clearing functions, accommodates complex shipping addresses, and all orders are databased for future reporting activity. Depending on your requirements, the DataStream Commerce Center can be configured for OBI, XML, or EDI compliance. DataStream Commerce Center also can be linked to sophisticated buy-side procurement systems.

The DataStream Commerce Center is a highly effective, affordable means to get wired to your customers.