Product Information Communication
Strength or Weakness?

Centralized Catalog Management
Build upon the capabilities of your enterprise system with software that centrally manages product information for external presentation via print, internet, email, and mobile devices.

Template Driven Catalogs
Produce price catalog versions faster, easier, and more cost effectively. Output formatted PDF files targeted for specific markets and customers.

Intergrated Ecommerce, Email Promotions, Mobile Solutions
Enable customers to order online and receive updates, contracts, quotes, promotions, and price change notices via email. Enable sales reps to look up product information and manage accounts from anywhere using BlackBerry™ or Windows Mobile™ devices.

Fisher Towne is  a leading provider of software   and   services   designed  to improve  the  way  businesses  convey changing     product    information    to customers  and  sales affiliates. Please contact us  to  arrange  a  brief  online demonstration  and  see  how we help distributors and other companies solve real     data     publishing     problems.

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