Print Center

Your customers are up to speed with today's business world. Days are counted in minutes, not hours. To stay competitive, successful companies embrace technology. Yet despite a growing reliance on the Internet, many customers still prefer printed material and catalogs … the one area that can send your business back to the dark ages.

Now, imagine a system that uses your current product data to generate - on demand - comprehensive, organized, professional quality printed and electronic catalogs. Product-specific catalogs save your customers time… and computer-generated layouts save you money.

Fisher Towne & Associates' expertise in e-catalog development has resulted in the introduction of the DataStream Print Center. The DataStream Print Center generates everything from dazzling four-color catalogs to effective black and white product sell sheets. No longer completed by hand, layouts are created quickly, easily, accurately ... and cost effectively.

This intuitive application enables you to complete layouts significantly faster and more economically than through traditional methods.

  • Create new catalogs for different divisions, product lines, and customers
  • Easily modify existing catalogs
  • Organize order and appearance of products and graphics
  • Determine page layout
  • Output EPS and PDF files in multiple formats for commercial printers

Once general rules and a layout template are established, DataStream Print Center does the rest, outputting files for your commercial printer or directly to your laser printer for sharp, detailed catalogs and sell sheets.

  • Maintain multiple catalogs in a central library database
  • Choose from multiple page formats
  • Specify graphics positioning
  • Imbed external OLE objects
  • Toggle by product between standard item detail fields (part number, description, price) and user-defined custom field item detail
  • Change any printable field from within a data override screen
  • Jump to any page for quick editing of data errors or space saving consolidations.
  • Preview a single page or range of pages
  • Sequence products within a section or sort by predefined sorts (product, manufacturer, product line or any combination)
  • Store and print table of contents and index pages
  • Determine page colors by section, stored and printed
  • Zip backup capabilities for all data files
  • Log last printing, last downloaded and current page counts by catalog
  • Option to not print certain products
  • Sequence items within product
  • Auto space item detail columns within a product
  • Include up to three predefined callout graphics per product (e.g., "New" … "Improved!" …)

The DataStream Print Center is an effective cost-saving tool that will pay immediate dividends.