Distribution Case Study

Coast Paper is a preeminent Canadian distributor of quality printing and office papers. Alliances with the world’s leading paper manufacturers ensure Coast’s over 7,000 products support creative and effective print communication, while its services provide just-in-time delivery solutions for today’s digitally based production environments.

Fisher Towne & Associates was charged with designing an interactive application that would essentially convert Coast’s voluminous printed product catalog of coated, uncoated and web papers, announcements, envelopes, and printer supplies into a user-friendly searchable electronic interface.

In designing and developing what became known as the Coast Printer’s Product Guide, Fisher Towne’s solution had to process product and pricing updates quicker and more economically; it needed to convey more information than the printed version; it needed to calculate order pricing and handle complex queries; it needed to database orders and inquiries; print price changes; and it needed to offer substitutes when customers have a competitive product in mind.  In short, Coast wanted an application that would allow its users to quickly find products to meet their job specifications and be able to order them more efficiently, and accurately than previously possible.

The Coast Printer's Product Guide has been heralded at a revolutionary paper selection and purchase program. Fisher Towne’s unique blend of contemporary computer know-how and database software programming techniques have taken the selection and ordering of paper and printing supplies to new levels of simplicity and precision without compromising sophistication or efficiency.

The Printer’s Product Guide has simplified life for not only for Coast’s customers, but also for the many people in charge of entering and maintaining product information and pricing for the catalog.