Printing/Publishing Case Study

Fisher Towne recognized the need for a formalized, standardized system of collecting accurate and comprehensive print job specs and transmitting them back and forth between print buyer and seller. Months of analysis, research and development resulted in the introduction of Print Projects.

Print Projects is an intuitive application that walks printers methodically and electronically through the specification gathering process. After customer information is entered, Print Projects asks for paper selection; color and cover descriptions; version and bleed information, electronic file and film, proofing, bindery, and shipping preferences. Once specifications are entered, a concise, uniform quote is generated. Specs can be transferred between buyers and sellers via the Internet, fax, disk, or traditional hard copy.

  • Step-by-step prompts simplify and expedite the preparation of print quotes and orders.
  • Electronic transmission of quotes and orders via e-mail, disk, or Internet
  • Flexible, powerful reporting options deliver immediate results and useful comparative pricing data.
  • Definitive "paper trail" helps eliminate miscommunication and time-consuming errors.

While Print Projects is comprehensive in terms of the amount of information it maintains and processes, it’s very simple to learn and use.

  • Paper Selection – Choosing paper grades, finishes, color and basis weights for text, cover, and other pages is an automated process.
  • Color and Cover Description – Define processes, colors, ink coverage, and coatings applied to specific signatures for text, cover, and other pages.
  • Versions and Bleeds – Clarify bleed areas and variances in versions, numbers, and breaks.
  • Electronic Files and Film Specifications – Electronic file and film spec profiles provide detail information and establish responsibilities for printers and print buyers.
  • Screen Sizes and Film Output – Screen and output sizes along with an output notes section detail specs for more traditional output methods.
  • Proofing – Request proofs in any format and notify printers who will be present at press checks.
  • Bindery – A bindery checklist and detail fields address most finishing operations. A freeform note area is provided for items not listed.
  • Shipping – General shipping information is inserted automatically from the Company Profile screen. Unlimited drop shipping and alternative addresses can be included.
  • Options and Notes – Used to attach important details not previously addressed.
  • Vendor Selection List – Double click on vendor name to generate request for quotation letters; particularly convenient when multiple vendors are involved.
  • Final Quote Form – Once specifications are entered, a concise, uniform quote form is generated.
  • Date Range Select Calendar – Intuitive calendar function locates past and current quotes and orders quickly.
  • Order Alteration Notice – Order alteration reports accurately document all modifications made to orders.
  • Report Wizard – Comprehensive reporting capabilities generate customized reports from over 230 criteria.
  • Segment Cost Comparison Chart – Vendor prices can be analyzed for each stage of a project.
  • Graphing/Data Reports – Colorful, easy-to-read graphs can be created in a variety of formats.