Government Case Study

The chief goal of the Multi-State E-Mall is to buy en masse products and supplies associated with maintenance, repair, and operating (MRO) goods and supplies. In its pilot phase, the E-Mall’s current roster of tenants included Idaho, Massachusetts, New York, South Dakota, Texas, and Utah. More are expected to join as the initiative gains momentum.

Fisher Towne and Associates’ role in the E-Mall involved creating OBI-compliant electronic catalogs for suppliers who are contracted to sell qualified products to participating state governments. Government agencies can then browse these secure catalogs on the Internet and place orders electronically.

Fisher Towne & Associates’ Electronic Commerce Division worked with businesses of all sizes to identify challenges and develop creative Internet, intranet, and extranet solutions. For most, Fisher Towne created OBI-compliant, Internet-based e-catalogs. State buyers were then able to place orders online and forward them to suppliers for fulfillment.

Online communication between Multi-State E-Mall customers and merchants was kept confidential via Secure Socket Layers (SSLs).