Internet cash registers are each day ringing with increased velocity. Electronic commerce, or e-commerce, by all accounts, is the way of the future. As the popularity of e-commerce continues to mount, so does the necessity of electronic catalogs.

An e-catalog is an ideal complement to your e-commerce program. It puts the most complete, up-to-date product information directly onto the screens and into the hands of both existing and potential customers … 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

For business-to-business applications in particular, an e-catalog affords a superior method of managing data while expediting the purchasing process.

Fisher Towne & Associates specializes in the production of customized electronic catalogs. Several of North America's largest companies are among our most satisfied clients. We can provide your company with a solution that differentiates you from your competition with increased levels of service and quality.

Catalogs from Fisher Towne & Associates can be customized to include all of your existing product data - anything from SKU numbers to detailed product descriptions to discounted pricing. All the information your customers need about your products before they buy is in one centralized, easy-to-manage, readily accessible location.

Maintaining your product data in a Fisher Towne catalog means considerably fewer errors and no information "falling between the cracks." You have complete control over all aspects of your catalog. What you want your customers to see is exactly what they see.

Fisher Towne catalogs can be XML, OBI, or EDI-complaint enabling you to conduct business with customers of all sizes.

Key Benefits

  • Add, delete, or modify product data instantaneously
  • Control levels of e-catalog access
  • Customizable reporting options
  • Comprehensive security