Supplier Integration

One of the fundamentals of establishing a successful online marketplace is to incorporate a substantial mass of suppliers within a catalog infrastructure quickly. This can prove to be a difficult proposition.

A market maker must effectively convey technical specifications and other information to large numbers of suppliers, most of whom will require lengthy explanations even if they are predisposed to participate. Mailings alone won't work. Seminars can be expensive and offer limited effectiveness. A better way is to enlist the aid of Fisher Towne & Associates.

We've learned that the success of an online marketplace is often dependent upon the speed and efficiency with which a critical mass of suppliers becomes catalog-enabled. A lengthy implementation period not only delays ROI, but causes a loss of momentum and confidence among trading partners.

Yet most companies evaluating e-procurement applications generally overlook true supply-side management or at least it's not accorded the same budgetary or resource allocations as buy-side systems. Many market makers seem to think "if we build it they will come." We have found the opposite is true. Properly achieving a critical mass of suppliers requires much effort and specialized technical expertise.

Fisher Towne & Associates has that expertise.

Over the past six years, we have focused on creating supply-side catalogs and data management tools, deploying applications for more than 125 suppliers in the last twelve months (both as standalones or as part of aggregated portal communities). We excel at supplier integration on a national level.

We conduct workshops and individual presentations at our Western New York training facilities. We familiarize your customers with your technology services in a highly effective, personalized ways to a degree that would not otherwise be possible.

The Fisher Towne team will orchestrate supplier outreach campaigns quickly and cost effectively. As experts in field of supply-side e-commerce, we can reduce the time-to-market of marketplaces while increasing supplier counts.

Services include:

  • Outbound Calling: Fisher Towne & Associates' personnel solicit participation, explain marketplace objectives, impress urgency, present technology and data aggregation options, monitor progress, and obtain feedback.
  • Inbound Calls: A staffed help center fields supplier inquiries.
  • Reporting: Monthly status reports and project tracking are posted on a password-protected Web site.
  • Documentation: We coordinate the preparation of informational packets, checklists, timetable overviews, workshop invites.
  • Fulfillment: Fulfill requests for informational materials.
  • Consultation: Propose initiatives, offer advice as to methodology gathered from studying supply-side implementation practices across the industry.
  • Event Coordination: We arrange workshop events.