Fisher Towne's Web hosting architecture is as robust as it is flexible. Web site hosting through Fisher Towne enables you to start small and ramp up to whatever server and bandwidth combination fits your needs.

For security, Fisher Towne has extensive experience in protecting data by every means possible to prevent costly information leaks. We subscribe to the best strategies the market has to offer in terms of how a network should be set up as well as how to protect individual applications.

Fisher Towne Web hosting facilities offer the following features:

Redundancy: Fisher Towne's network infrastructure incorporates diverse technologies to create a redundant environment, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity.

Monitoring: We monitor our Web sites, backbone, network paths, routers, power systems, and anything else that could affect access to your Web site, which results in a very reliable, proactive environment.

Scalability: Our servers and network infrastructure are constructed to provide the best scalability possible.

Backup and Recovery: By having a process in place for daily backups, your data is maintained and protected at all times. In addition, all servers utilize uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) to protect your data during power failures.

Web Security

Whether your network is small or large, the security of your data is of utmost importance. The slightest mistakes in security configuration can leave your company wide open to potentially damaging attacks by users with malicious intent.

With the advent of nearly universal connections to the Internet by companies of all sizes, the importance of good network security policies becomes even more important.

We employ a method chosen by the majority of firewall vendors. It allows selected access to public and extranet applications to your customers and the world at large. It also allows internal users access to the vast number of Internet resources available while protecting them from attacks outside their company.

Fisher Towne's Web applications, whether deployed at your organization or hosted by us include multiple levels of security based on your needs. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL v3), digital certificates, server challenge, and standard custom developed username and password logins provide a different component of security that might be required for a particular application.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Clear, rules-based authentication
  • Segregation of user access and responsibility
  • Comprehensive logging and reporting
  • Designed to meet your security needs
  • Use of Internet standard and market leading technologies
  • Easy access for allowed users
  • Clear task oriented graphical user interface for self administration of user base
  • Integration with existing technology
  • Real-time monitoring for quick response to security violations

Fisher Towne can provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision on the right security to meet your application needs.