Client Services

Client services are at the center of our business … where they truly belong.

For customers to remain loyal and satisfied, they need to be served on their terms - when and how they need it. With that in mind, Fisher Towne offers a buffet of client services, which affords flexibility in how much support they need in the areas they feel they need it.

Self Support - Technical eLibrary

  • Searchable knowledgebase
  • FAQs - self-help tools
  • Troubleshooting Tips
  • Installation Instructions
  • Manuals
  • Training Resources
  • Browser-based, self-paced courses
  • Live Web casts - distance training

Assisted Support and Training

  • E-mail Assistance
  • Direct phone
  • Traditional training
  • At Fisher Towne Corporate Offices
  • On-site at your Offices


Once a Fisher Towne application is installed, we back it up with expert technical support, designed to enhance your knowledge and experience with the software we've created for you.

A typical training seminar:

  • Identify the audience, time frame, training goals, and training objectives
  • Help evaluate whether training is part of an effective solution
  • Identify the skills already mastered by the audience, if any
  • Sequence the knowledge and skills to be taught
  • Rewrite the knowledge and skills to be taught into lesson performance objectives
  • Determine the most effective instructional strategy
  • Create the course agenda
  • Validate or estimate the time required to present the supporting material by lesson
  • Provide copies of all related documentation
  • Conduct an training session
  • Provide feedback questionnaires following training session
  • Review class feedback
  • Provide copies to appropriate client personnel

e-learning offerings included in our Technical eLibrary:

  • Browser-based, self-paced courses. Options include downloadable versions or CD-based.
  • Live Web casts - distance training via NetMeeting. Training right at your desktop. No travel arrangements or extra costs involved.
  • Lower overall costs, increased flexibility, and self-directed learning ensure students derive optimal educational benefits while continuing to maximize their productivity and contributions to your organization.


  • Detailed user manuals
  • Online Manuals - don't search for it on your desk or in the bookshelves; view the manuals on your screen! Always the most up to the minute version (view only).
  • Summarized user manuals
  • Turn-over documentation: outlines and defines the changes in new or updated software.
  • Overview document (including installation instructions)